Latus Motors Harley-Davidson of Eugene

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By Eric H. on May 27, 2018

Sutherlin,OR | None Department'

Latus Motors Harley-Davidson of Eugene

Excellent customer service! Because of your staff I will always shop there first!

Exceptional Service

By John Y. on May 23, 2018

Eugene,OR | None Department'

Latus Motors Harley-Davidson of Eugene

Both Shaped and Heather are fantastic at addressi g my needs,and getting me the items wanted. Both go out of there way to really listen and take an active interest in my requests.

Service bad/great

By Sandy S. on May 21, 2018

Bend,OR | Parts and Accessories Department'

Latus Motors Harley-Davidson of Eugene

The man was my first contact, he seemed to be pre occupied with two other guys at the parts counter who were also your employees. Once he noticed me standing there he was less then interested in helping me solve my issue, he gave me a quote on changing my head light over to led and when I asked about other option he said to give me a price he would need to look it up, all while closing his book and stepping back to carry on with your employees.. I walked out, calling my friend who was in motorclothes at the time! I got out the door and spoke with two gentleman who seemed interested in why I was more then a little upset. I explained and they sent Shalee to speak to me! She was happy to listen to my frustrations and to help resolve any issues! I would not have returned to your store had it not been for her! She looked into my needs, got me a price quote and installed my bulb the next morning also giving me a quote on the change over to led head lights, blinkers. She was very personable, informative and willing to help! She is why I came back! And why I will return. She did not speak badly of Brad, said he had a wealth of knowledge. I respect that as well. She may not be able to rattle off parts info but is very willing to find out what I need and go find it. Brad may have been around but needs to gain some skills on customer care! I will not do business with Brad ever again. I would rather wait for another parts person or go elsewhere! Brad gets a bad rating (1),Shalee gets a great rating (5+).


By Kenneth M. on May 16, 2018

Eugene,OR | Service Department'

Latus Motors Harley-Davidson of Eugene

great service. they go above and beyond the call.

Great customer service.

By Mat M. on May 8, 2018

Springfield,OR | None Department'

Latus Motors Harley-Davidson of Eugene

I deal with people all day in my business. I had a great experience at your store. Attention to detail and knowledge of products were outstanding. I came in looking for a helmet. Left with more. I will definitely be back.