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Be Smart, Stay Away From Motorcycle Mall

By Biker B. on May 30, 2013

clifton,NJ | None Department'

Motorcycle Mall

Motorcycle Mall sold me a gas cap for my bike that was the wrong cap, it did not have a pressure release valve in it so when the temp outside dropped to the 30s the air in the tank shrank and caved in my fuel tank!!! I had to contact the manufacturer to force them to replace the tank!!! I rode the bike home and it bucked a bit but seemed like it stopped by the time i got home but the very next time i went to ride the bike it would not go over 20 MPH and seemed to be starving for fuel. I contacted Motorcycle Mall and was told it was not there problem and they were not going to fix it! I never had a problem with my bike before I bought that damned gas cap from them and now I have a motorcycle that wont run all because I bought the part from Motorcycle Mall