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Indian Motorcycle of New Orleans

By Reaves B. on December 13, 2019

El Dorado,AR | Parts and Accessories Department'

I couldnt be any happier buying a bike from here. The staff really made me feel like family. Im pleased to say my first motorcycle is an Indian and I would recommend buying one from here.

Quaid Harley-Davidson®

It would be funny if it wasn't true

By Nathan H. on December 13, 2019

Yucaipa,CA | None Department'

I bought my bike here in June of 2018. The other day I noticed one of my turn signal stocks was loose. So, I brought the bike in thinking there would be no problem because it's still under warranty. I was wrong. They claimed it was a maintenance issue and wanted to charge me sixty-two dollars and some change to fix it. I have had all scheduled maintenance on by bike performed at a Harley dealership. I have the bike serviced at Victorville Harley because they charge a lot less, but they are further away and being that a turn signal/brake light is a safety related component. I thought it would make sense to bring the bike to the closest dealership. On a side note, I do call Quaid before every service to see if they will price match or at least come close to Victorville, but they never want to. So, I do offer my business to Quaid. I was told by the service manager at Quaid that if I had the bike serviced at their dealership there would be no problem. Keep in mind that California state law says I can have have my bike serviced anywhere I choose without affecting my warranty. He also told me that if the turn signal fell off completely, then they would cover it. So, he wants me to operate a motor vehicle on public highways with a defective safety device until it fails completely. None of this makes any sense. Here's the best part. While I was there, no one in the service department attempted to contact the motor company to see if they would actually cover it. They didn't bother to look into it. I had to call Harley corporate and make a warranty claim myself. This constant with a past experience I had with Quaid. I brought my bike here last year for a warranty claim and was told Harley denied it. I called Harley later that day and they had no record of a claim submitted by Quaid. So, I was lied to. Long story short, my past and current experiences at this dealership have left me completely dumbfounded, and dissatisfied.

Just For Fun Honda

Awesome experience, start to finish!

By James B. on December 12, 2019

North Lima,Oh | None Department'

Most down to earth salesman (Greg and Brian both) at any dealership that I've dealt with in a long time. Very knowledgeable, straight forward and upfront in every aspect. Respectable team of gentleman that I look forward to doing future business with. Thank you all at Just For Fun Honda and happy holidays! Oh, but wait there's more! 2020 model talon 1000x has not been ridden extensively as of yet. As my luck would have it, it's been rather cold out so I have not obtained much seat time. Little bit of time I have spent in the seat has been extremely well worth it!

Falcons Fury Harley-Davidson®

IF only every buying experience were this pain free

By Grady K. on December 12, 2019

Watkinsville,Ge | New Sales Department'

I went in to the dealership to look around, waiting for the Rider's Academy class to start. I already had an idea of the type of bike I wanted, I just wasn't sure I would find it in a Harley, until he showed me a used 2016 Roadster. It was love at first sight. He stood and talked with me about the bike, didn't talk it up and didn't try to butter up the idea of buying it as he seemed conscious of the fact that I was apprehensive and not even certain riding was for me. But I knew that if I let that bike get away I would regret it, so we went and talked up a deal, worked out a great payment plan that fits my budget, and sweetened the deal by covering the cost for my delivery to my house. If I am ever in the market for a new Harley in a few years (and after 500 miles on my bike now, I know I will), I'll be back. And I'll be asking for Kris.

Rocky's Harley-Davidson

2020 Ultra Limited

By Gary S. on December 12, 2019

London,On | None Department'

Enjoyed making my purchase. See Jenn for your sales needs. She was patient, informative and great to deal with. I also would like to comment on Clarkie (parts) who was also great to work with. Thanks to the team. Gary.

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